Fondazione Animo Onlus

The Animo Onlus Foundation was born out of the desire to pursue cultural goals and support charitable works particularly worthy of attention. In fact, the Foundation’s objective is to disseminate and raise awareness of the importance of alternative, more natural and eco-sustainable mobility, which can only be achieved thanks to the use of the bicycle in all its variants: classic, electric, handbike, etc.

To achieve its main objective, the Animo Onlus Foundation will act in schools, institutes, public and private bodies with events, conferences, meetings, manifestations useful to convey a positive message towards the use of the bicycle both as a means of travel in urban areas and extra-urban, both as a means of travel for recreational and leisure activities, and as a competitive and non-competitive sporting tool and finally as a means to bring disadvantaged people (differently abled) closer to a concept of mobility and autonomy.

In addition to this, the Animo Onlus Foundation will also employ its efforts in the enhancement of culture and cultural growth and environmental protection. Through the use of the bicycle, which is the ideal means of transport to enjoy the beauty of the places and the most eco-sustainable, in fact, the Animo Onlus Foundation will promote projects to enhance the territory and local cultural riches thanks to and events created directly on site and which will involve personalities linked to the world of cycling both in the sporting, journalistic and/or with important social relevance fields.

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