Paolo Pagni

What is a journey, what is a traveler

It is difficult to translate and try to describe the relationship that is established between the traveler and the journey.
One cannot do without the other: everything works with perfect synergy and synchronicity; the journey, meter after metre, effort after effort, gives you all the energy you need to make your dream come true.
At forty I understood that there is not only Africa sickness but also travel sickness. It becomes a need, it becomes a lifestyle to be able to travel, aim for a destination and reach it every day.

Paolo Pagni

I’ve been cycling practically since I was born, alternating cycling with swimming and running.


In 2009, celebrating my 40th year, I decided to start traveling alone, the simplest journey, perhaps the most obvious journey but it could be fine to start with, the Camino de Santiago (French Way).

2010 and 2014: Cammino del Norte again towards Santiago still alone along the Gulf of Biscay up to the Atlantic Ocean

2011 and 2015 Camino de la Plata (Seville) through Extremadura to Santiago.

2012 and 2016 Portuguese Way, from Lisbon to the Way of Fatima, then heading towards Santiago.

2013 French Way from France to Santiago de Compostela crossing the heart of Spain.

2016/2017 Patagonia Coast to Coast – From Iguazu to Ushuaia to Santiago de Chile.

2017 Eurovelo 8 – 1st part – Tracking of the route from Rimini to Athens and the Athens Marathon. Pinocchio Randonnée Organization: 53 km in the country of the most famous puppet in the world.

2018 Eurovelo 8 – 2nd part – Tracking of the route from Forte dei Marmi to Valencia and Valencia Marathon. 2nd Edition of the Pinocchio Randonnée


As CEO of Piramedia Srl and driven by my passion, I created the most important online network dedicated to cycling: CYCLE TOURISM

Research new forms of green tourism, respecting nature
Reward less famous tourist areas
Have a global user base
Create a community of enthusiasts
Offer an innovative service
Develop tools and strategies for those who offer tourist hospitality
Offer real and usable GPX tracks

  • Insertion of the area of interest
    Navigation on Google Map with increased capabilities
    The routes are shown
    The structures are shown
    Ease of use and great attention to navigability
  • “Blog style” project
    New information sections
    Over 100,000 community-sourced GPX tracks
    New ADS section
    New BLOG section