EuroVelo 8 – East Route 2023

From Pescia to Athens

10° Day – From Međugorje to Ragusa

Tenth stage, tenth day of the journey and 1200 km now under our belts. Ragusa (ancient name of the city) is perhaps more infamous by its real toponym, Dubrovnik. You only need to have a few years behind you to remember between 1991 and 1992 the long siege that the city suffered during the War […]

9° Day – From Almissa to Međugorje

The ninth stage was the first with the group divided, my desire to pass through Međugorje was too strong also because on the 2017 trip I had missed this appointment. The desire to see new things and bring a commission to the cathedral is too strong. A beautiful journey even if it created a deviation […]

8° Day – From Capocesto to Almissa

What was supposed to be the day of infinity became the day of NO: rain and wind, cold, a hostile climate and little desire to take the bicycle and pedal, but in the end the journey is also this, always continuing towards the destination. This time the destination hadn’t really been decided, but after 95km […]

7° Day – From Zara to Capocesto

The 7th stage of this trip on the Eurovelo8 Easter Route took me from Zadar to Capocesto along the beautiful Croatian coast. A stage that offered beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea thanks also to the particular conformation of the territory which continually insinuates itself into the sea with coves, small beaches, islets always framed […]

6° Day – From Carlopago to Zara

  The sixth stage of this exploration of the Eurovelo 8 started from Karlobag towards Zadar, a long stage but with a pleasant altimetry, following the wonderful coast of Croatia. There are many villages and exciting views encountered along the way and the crossing of the stretch of sea that separates the island hosting Zadar […]

5° Day – From Fiume to Carlopago

  Fifth stage of our Eurovelo 8 under finally drier weather or so we thought. Departure from Rijeka towards …. unknown! In reality we had two alternatives, the first, to make a short stage of about 70/80, the second to venture up to Carlopago covering almost 130km even today. At the time of departure we […]

Bike Hotels

BB Posada – Bologna

The Bike Hotel B&B POSADA SERENA is a small bed and breakfast in Bologna recommended for cycling travelers. It is located in Bologna, 2.6 km from MAMbo, 3 km from Via Indipendenza, 3.2 km from the Fairgrounds, and 3 km from the city’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport, the nearest airport. B&B Posada Serena, Via Marco Polo […]

Hotel Cigno – Latisana

The Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria “Cigno” is located in the heart of Latisana, right in front of the Cathedral, in a strategic position, close to the famous beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione (only 15 km away). Attention and dedication to the customer are the values that have always distinguished us and that our family continues […]



EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route 2019

From Porto to Valencia to Pisa 2019

EuroVelo 8 – Spanish Route 2018

From Forte dei Marmi to Valencia 2018

2nd Step of Eurovelo 8 a cycling adventure of over 1300 km from Forte dei Marmi to Valencia. Facing the journey are Paolo Pagni, CEO of Cicloturismo, a leading Italian website in the sector and close collaborator of the Animo Onlus Foundation, and Antony Ferrari. The project is aimed at supporting and promoting sustainable, alternative mobility: Paolo and Antony will have the delicate task of raising awareness of the issue among the people they meet on their journey.

The “Eurovelo 8” route is part of the European cycle path system which aims to connect the entire continent with itineraries specifically designed for cycling. Most of the Eurovelo routes, including number 8, are under development, so Paolo and Antony will have to personally map out the itinerary to cycle day by day.

Paolo and Antony will cross 3 countries: Italy, France and Spain.

Valencia is the arrival point of the 2nd step of Eurovelo 8, but Paolo and Antony’s adventure will not end here. Their goal is in fact to complete a sort of duathlon studied and developed independently. Once they arrive in the city, after having traveled over 1,300 km by bicycle, they will face the Valencia Marathon.

EuroVelo 8 – Easter Route 2017

From Rimini to Atene 2017

eurovelo 8 - mediterranean route

In the 1st Step, over 2,000 km were traced from Rimini to Athens. Paolo Pagni, CEO of Cicloturismo, faced the journey alone.

Paolo crossed 7 countries, always cycling along the coast of the Adriatic Sea: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

Athens, a true protagonist of the ancient history of the Mediterranean, was the point of arrival of the 1st step of Eurovelo 8.

Once he arrived in the city, after having traveled over 2,000 km by bicycle, Paolo tackled the legendary Athens Marathon.