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8° Day – From Capocesto to Almissa

By on 30/10/2023

What was supposed to be the day of infinity became the day of NO: rain and wind, cold, a hostile climate and little desire to take the bicycle and pedal, but in the end the journey is also this, always continuing towards the destination. This time the destination hadn’t really been decided, but after 95km we arrived in Omiš. Unfortunately I have to reiterate once again that in this country, Croatia, respect for cycle tourists is non-existent, if in Italy we complain about the one and a half meter distance, here the cars and trucks almost seem to want to ram you at every opportunity or try a puddle to get wet in (when it’s good). Even worse if they see a woman on a bicycle. As much as I am a convinced cycle tourist, I don’t know if I will ever return to this country, the only thing is to cross the border and hope to find a better environment.