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10° Day – From Međugorje to Ragusa

By on 30/10/2023

Tenth stage, tenth day of the journey and 1200 km now under our belts. Ragusa (ancient name of the city) is perhaps more infamous by its real toponym, Dubrovnik. You only need to have a few years behind you to remember between 1991 and 1992 the long siege that the city suffered during the War in Yugoslavia with the heavy bombings that almost razed its beautiful historic center to the ground. The tenth stage was also that of reuniting with the group and the discovery that not only in this country there is no respect for cyclists on the road but that the wicked behavior of these people led my two traveling companions to take risks for twice your life along the previous stage.

Traveling is also knowing how to face difficulties, overcoming one’s limits by setting the destination as the primary objective, but when life is at risk and not for reasons that you can control, it becomes imperative to think about the value of life itself. The night, dark companion of our thoughts, will bring advice as always and we will decide whether it is worth continuing this adventure or whether not to accept a fate determined by others.