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9° Day – From Almissa to Međugorje

By on 30/10/2023

The ninth stage was the first with the group divided, my desire to pass through Međugorje was too strong also because on the 2017 trip I had missed this appointment. The desire to see new things and bring a commission to the cathedral is too strong. A beautiful journey even if it created a deviation of about 60km and 2000m of altitude difference but all compensated by fantastic views and the mystical taste of the visit to the Cathedral. Compared to Fatima or Santiago, Međugorje is much less impressive but no less exciting. The welcome in a pilgrim hotel was good and I finally managed to eat some meat, essential for muscles after weeks with little protein. Also thanks to the decidedly lower prices than the Croatian ones (and perhaps the fact that there is no Euro in Bosnia and Herzegovina) the cost of the dinner was finally “humane”: from 2017 to now, Croatia has become an almost unattainable place with prices in line, if not higher, than ours. The second solo stage awaits me towards Ragusa to reunite with the group.